‘Speaking of Psychology’ at Convention


Here I am interviewing Dr. Joel Dvoskin on gun violence and mental illness.

If you missed some of your favorite presenters at convention this year — stay tuned. You may be able to hear them on APA’s award-winning monthly podcast series, “Speaking of Psychology.”

As host of this podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with some of the top psychological thinkers during this convention. Tucked away in a small, window-less room with a microphone and a computer, we are discussing a wide range of psychology topics, including virtual reality therapy and parenting.

sop-logo-rr_tcm7-160120The discussions are much more intimate than what some of these presenters face in a large convention hall or meeting room. As a result, I’m able to get at what makes their work interesting to a general audience, which is the goal of our podcast. Some of our guests are funny, some have a more personal mission, but all are eager to make psychology exciting and accessible to the general public. Be sure to listen to some of our past episodes — don’t worry, they’re not too long — and you’ll hear what I mean. (The episodes I’m taping at convention will be released in the coming months.) The conversations appear on iTunes and on our website. You can also subscribe to the podcast and be notified when each new episode is posted.

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